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Basic Sarine Reference by Arquerite Basic Sarine Reference by Arquerite

Finally, I get around to standardizing the reference of the dragon lady herself! Gotta update her bio but for now, meh...

Original Image: and original design by DEAFHPN


Name: Sarine

Gender: Female

Personality: Cold, distant, patient, calculating, cunning, proud, solitary.

Poison and venom are, by their natures, very hard to control. Once ingested or loosed into the bloodstream, there is little that can be done to stop their inexorable progression through the body. Blessed, or perhaps cursed, with all forms of potent toxins at birth, Sarine has rebelled against their willful nature and devoted her entire life to learning to control the forces that rage within her. Always wary of slipping, she has become a natural loner so as not to inadvertently harm anyone or anything close to her. Thus, her bitter poison and solitary nature make her come of as a bit... acidic. After accidentally forming a soul bond with Obsidian, they have formed a cautious alliance of mutual interests, chief among those being to break said soul bond and go their separate ways. It is for time to dictate, however, whether their travels will bring them closer together or force them further apart.


Fame: 50/100

Strength: 70/100

Hero: 60/100

Villain: 10/100

Elements: Poison/Lightning

Bond: 90/100


"Lightning Barrage," Lets out a jet of five-inch fire blasts that can paralyze or poison an enemy does random amount of damage. If water does higher damage.

“Electric Thunder,” Lets loose a powerful Electric Thunder attack that may paralyze an enemy, this attack may also make the enemy feel the emotions of the said dragon using the attack. This can in some cases make a empty link; on rare occasions that lasts for an hour.

This may also calm down those who have lost control of themselves. The power of the attack depends on how enraged the dragon is.

“Electric Shock,” Bursts a wave of electricity that shoots off like an electrical shock wave, knocking an enemy back this does less damage on weaker NPCs or characters, but does more damage on higher-level enemies.

“Toxic Flame,” Lets loose a toxic flame that may poison an enemy and induce hallucinations causing mass damage this can do 20-35 damage but can do 40-50 damage if an enemy has an attack higher then 35. Can do 100-200 damage if attack is above 100. Can do random amounts of damage on higher level NPCS.

“Guardian Fire,” Can summon a giant green dragon that can separate into smaller ones if they are on the side of good. Can be obtained through strong emotions of protection, this Ethereal spirit Eligaria. Can only be summoned by dragons who wish to protect something important (their rider, other people).

It can have lasting, unknown, effects on the victims blasted with such attack. Can also do immense damage on other Dragons and Riders. This vicious attack makes the entire area engulfed in a green to yellow fire.

This does not damage said person's allies and only damages those that they view as an enemy, or those with great darkness in their hearts.

"Electric Crash," Electrify covers the dragon’s body and it's like an electric tackle works well even on earth beasts, epically if they are other ridden adopts, can slam an enemy to the ground if flying creature. Damage depends on how it is written during RPG use, but it can range from 50-200 damage. 

Veratai Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
coolio dragon :3
Arquerite Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016  Student Writer
Thank you! Her design was made by a friend, it's one of my absolute favorites!  X3c
Veratai Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
cool :3
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